Mix “N” Match 3 Moles

It’s your choice! Combine 3 of our salsas / moles.  This is a great gift! 

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Mole Negro

Created by Chef Olea’s using his traditional family recipe that includes chile pasilla, chile negro, chile mulato, chile ancho, and Mexican dark chocolate. The flavor is sweet and smoky and it is medium hot. Best with all types of poultry .

Mole Coloradito

Our Mole Coloradito is prepared using one of Chef Olea’s traditional family recipes. Using both Guajillo and Arbol chiles creates the perfect blend of savory and spice which are combined with tomato, garlic and other ingredients. This is a somewhat spicier mole and it is medium hot. Best with pork and white fish.

New Mexican Mole

Created by Chef  Olea to commemorate the 400th. anniversary of the City of Santa Fe, NM., our New Mexican Mole contains red chile, apricots, roasted pecans, pinon nuts and white chocolate. The flavor is both sweet and savory and it is medium hot. Best served with beef and lamb.

Mole Verde

A blend of tomatillo, spinach, jalapeno chile and exotic spices.

This is a vegetarian mole and is a wonderful complement to vegetables, chicken, pork and fish.

All Sazon Moles are best served heated, while Sazon Salsas do not need to be heated and are best served room temperature or chilled.  Once the vacuum seal is broken they can be refrigerated for up to 10 days.


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