Chef Fernando Olea preparing mole


Originally from Mexico City, Chef Fernando Olea has been enthralling diners in Santa Fe since 1991 with his unique interpretation of contemporary and traditional Mexican dishes. Chef Olea creates sophisticated flavors using Old Mexico’s indigenous and culinary traditions alongside ingredients from around the world. His menu is deliberately small, featuring fresh and locally sourced produce and meats when possible. Nothing evokes the mystery of Mexican cuisine more than mole, a regional dish from the heart of the country…..



Sazón Doesn’t Miss A Step

“Sazón reopen late October/early November after being temporarily closed due to a small electrical fire that occurred upstairs, luckily away from the dining room and kitchen …”

Degustación Delights

“At top restaurants, chefs commonly offer a degustation menu—a tasting menu that features the talents of the chef or the specialties of the region. The word ‘dégustation’ is French, and refers to the careful and curatorial tasting of …”

Ambiance and Cuisine

“It takes three elements to ensure a successful restaurant: great food, great service and great ambiance. Much has been said about Sazón’s delightful contemporary Mexican cuisine, cooked to perfection by renowned Chef Fernando Olea. And, of course, the impeccable service…”

Great Pairings

“Lawrence Becerra is not a restaurateur, but he’s always liked good food and wines. When the opportunity came along to build a stage for his longtime friend Chef Fernando Olea, he and his wife Suzanna jumped at the…”

Baja Bandwagon

“Have you heard the news? The wines of Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe in Northern Baja are taking on world-class status. Famed restaurants like Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry in California and Rick Bayless…”

Creative Sophistication

“Originally from Mexico City, Chef Fernando Olea moved to Santa Fe 26 years ago. After running restaurants in Mazatlán, Mexico and Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as a few restaurants around town, he and his business partners Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra opened Sazón…”

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Sazón | 505-983-8604
221 Shelby Street
Santa Fe NM 87501

Sazón is within two blocks from the Santa Fe Plaza, and is walking distance from most downtown hotels.

Monday - Saturday,
Closed Sunday

Bar Service – 4 pm until close
Dinner Service – 5:00 pm until close

*All reservation times are approximate.
*Children 10 years of age or older


221 Shelby Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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Then get the latest Sazón news, before everybody else.

221 Shelby Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Like being first? Then get the latest Sazón news, before everybody else.